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Miaru, Arashi
Sun Feb 24, 2008 12:34 pm by Arashi Miaru
Name: Miaru, Arashi

Age: 15

Village: Cloud


Personality: Moody, Not the friendliest

History: The Miaru clan was attacked a mere 5 years ago. He was among the survivors, his parents were not. He has spent his life living with his uncle. He wants to revive his now small clan. He shall be a shuriken master and avenge his …

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Sakura Haruno
Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:44 pm by Sakuraann
Name: Sakura Haruno
Age: 15
Village: Konohagakure (Leaf Village)
Background: Unlike her teammates, Sakura's childhood was devoid of any actual tragedy, only being bullied in her early years at the Academy, where her sensitivity about her large forehead caused her classmates to tease her.[6] Ino Yamanaka befriended her and gave her a ribbon that could accent her face and …

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Hideki Ryuuga
Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:10 am by Hideki Ryuuga
Name:Hideki Ryuuga




Personality:Quiet,Willing to help people no matter what the situation is,Stays alone most of the time.

History:When Hideki was born he was put into a hidden branch of the Hyuuga clan called the Ryuuga. This branch has a special level of the Byakugan but there is a hidden req. to get it. The problem is Hideki hasnt …

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Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:11 pm by Hiro Arjan
Name:Hiro Arjan




Personality:When it comes to fighting hiro gets Serous, Hiro thinks heís a ladyís man so because of that he gets in trouble with the girls all the time.was a born leader.

History:Hiro grew up with his older but one day when hiro's brother was on a mission he got killed and left a katana for Hiro. …

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Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:15 pm by dex
name dex


Village- Konoha- Hidden Leaf

bio:most of my clan was killid in the 2th great war by a trader our leader my granddad they say he went insane when he unlock the 3th stage of the lighting bolt and start killing his own men one by one and that frist master of the Sharingan killid him by making him kill his self. later in the war the final Attack we were made to protech the …

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Haru Suzuki
Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:23 pm by Haru Suzuki
NAME: Suzuki Haru


VILLAGE:konoha(used to be in a secret unknown dark village)


PERSONALITY:Haru acts like a genius but he is a nice guy deep inside. Heís not much blood thirsy unless you know what he is blood thirsty when his demon taked control. He tries to always act cool but sometimes he canít control …

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Konaru Hozan
Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:26 pm by KonaruHozan
Name: Konaru Hozan

Age: 14

Village: Leaf


Personality: Konaru does'nt talk much but care dearly for people close to him.

History:He grew up alone in a house owned by his dead grandpa.He acceled in the acadamy being called a genius all the time.He became a genin at age 10.A chunin at age 12 and a …

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Hikaru Hitaraki
Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:47 pm by Hikaru
Name:Hikaru Hitaraki




Personality:Hikaru is a strong type thats cool but hes not like that always only when on missions and fights and stuff.He's fun when not on missions but still has that cool thing while being fun.

History:He was the genius of his class in the acadamy he easily became a …

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Hachimon Shikai
Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:56 pm by Hachimon Shikai
Name: Hachimon Shikai

Age: 18

Village: Sunagakure (Hidden Sand)


Personality: Nice, Kind, Caring, a bit Shy. Although, he's brave and will protect anyone he cares about.

History: Born to two parents died in a speical mission given to them by the Kazekage while he was 3, and from that time he's surviveing by stealing. …

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